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We're all about making the renting process better, so we decided to put together a list of questions we think you might have for Ekaya.

For more information, please email us on hello@ekaya.com.

Who can see the information I send when I click “Send Message”

When you send a message to a property manager, Ekaya sends your message to them directly. We do not view the information you send, but we do log the success or failure of the message. Please only include information in your message that you are willing to share with a 3rd party.

What is "Ekaya VIP"?

Ekaya.vip is our stand alone industry grade verification and rental affordibility system which allows you, through very secure and simple steps, to verify your Ekaya.vip account with social, government ID, bank and credit information. By completing this you're able to share your information with ANY property manger. Its simple, secure and will save you hours in bank and police queues! We're living in the future.
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Is it safe to use my credit card and bank login details on Ekaya.vip?

In a word, Yes! Your connection to https://ekaya.vip is encrypted with bank grade SSL. You can check for yourself by clicking the green padlock next to the URL. We never store or see your bank login details. If you have any questions about this please mail us on hello@ekaya.com or read more about our security

How is my Ekaya VIP affordibility calculated?

https://ekaya.vip uses the industry standard rental affordibility calculation formulae to calculate this. Based off the Credit Act this amounts to 30% of your average monthly income. If you have any questions regarding this please mail us on hello@ekaya.com.

How do I report a listing?

We take great pride in the quality of the content on Ekaya.com but sometimes spam or content of an undesirable nature is missed by our Moderation Team. When this happens please be a good Samaritan and flag the listing and our staff will investigate it. It's really simple to do. Simply follow these simple instructions.

I think Ekaya.com is AWESOME! Where else can I connect with you?

Awww schucks! We think YOU'RE pretty damn awesome too :) You can connect with us on the following platforms.


“If you have any other questions that are not on this list, you can drop us a mail on hello@ekaya.com.